Wednesday, November 21, 2007

assignment 1


A. Microsoft shall not retaliate against an OEM by altering Microsoft's
commercial relations with that OEM, or by withholding newly introduced
forms of non-monetary Consideration (including but not limited to new
versions of existing forms of non-monetary Consideration) from that OEM,
because it is known to Microsoft that the OEM is or is contemplating:

1. developing, distributing, promoting, using, selling, or licensing
any software that competes with Microsoft Platform Software or any
product or service that distributes or promotes any Non-Microsoft

2. shipping a Personal Computer that (a) includes both a Windows
Operating System Product and a non-Microsoft Operating System, or (b)
will boot with more than one Operating System; or

3. exercising any of the options or alternatives provided for under
this Final Judgment."


"B. Microsoft's provision of Windows Operating System Products to
Covered OEMs shall be pursuant to uniform license agreements with
uniform terms and conditions. Without limiting the foregoing, Microsoft
shall charge each Covered OEM the applicable royalty for Windows
Operating System Products as set forth on a schedule, to be established
by Microsoft and published on a web site accessible to the Plaintiffs
and all Covered OEMs, that provides for uniform royalties for Windows
Operating System Products, except that:

1. the schedule may specify different royalties for different language

2. the schedule may specify reasonable volume discounts based upon the
actual volume of licenses of any Windows Operating System Product or any
group of such products; and

3. the schedule may include market development allowances, programs,
or other discounts in connection with Windows Operating System Products,
provided that:

a. such discounts are offered and available uniformly to all Covered
OEMs, except that Microsoft may establish one uniform discount schedule
for the ten largest Covered OEMs and a second uniform discount schedule
for the eleventh through twentieth largest Covered OEMs, where the size
of the OEM is measured by volume of licenses;

b. such discounts are based on objective, verifiable criteria that
shall be applied and enforced on a uniform basis for all Covered OEMs;

c. such discounts or their award shall not be based on or impose any

criterion or requirement that is otherwise inconsistent with any portion
of this Final Judgment."


A broad term for one of the fastest computers currently available. Such computers are typically used for number crunching including scientific simulations, (animated) graphics, analysis of geological data (e.g. in petrochemical prospecting), structural analysis, computational fluid dynamics, physics, chemistry, electronic design, nuclear energy research and meteorology.

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